Who Are We?

We are two freelance writers who are passionate about creating content.

Nicholas Barham
I am a passionate reader and writer who dreams of one day being a published novelist. I read mainly sci-fi, horror, and graphic novels. In my free time I write sci-fi, stories about robots, aliens, firefights in space, and plenty of drama. My stories may contain elements of the macabre, the horror and the downright terrifying; but I assure you my professional work is far more uplifting and positive.

I have extensive writing experience from academic to creative. I have two Bachelors in history and philosophy. I am passionate about bringing my experience to the table in my professional life, helping you and your business achieve wonders through my writing and editing expertise. If you hire me I promise to help bring customers to your door, to help sell your brand on the vast and crowded marketplace, to help you stand out amongst the competition. So what are you waiting for! Professional writing is only one click away.

Jasmine Maddren
I discovered my love for writing when I was eight years old, I wrote and illustrated my first comic book (it was something about a land made out of candy, standard kid content, right?) and since then my love has grown into a lifetime passion which has manifested in more ways than I can count.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading or drawing and looking after a busy two-year old, which brings me to my other passion in life: Motherhood. Since becoming a mother I have grown as a writer, I have discovered parts of myself that used to sit uncultivated and ignored in the far reaches of my subconscious, things which now I’m not sure how I survived without. I’m not saying that my writing suddenly evolved overnight and that you have to be a parent to be a great writer, but motherhood broadened the limits of my abilities and helped me unlock bits of myself that gave me a very specific determination: To exceed my own expectations, if not to provide my daughter with the necessities in life, but also to show her that dreams are like seeds, they will grow if you water them.

Four Eyes Writing

Founded in 2021 by Nicholas Barham and Jasmine Maddren


+64 (020) 41135527

New Zealand

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